Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ringing In 2007

NYE 2007

It started off with snow, which I wasn't expecting or I would've moved my 4 miler from morning to afternoon to run in snow instead of rain, but oh well... and well, what do you know…the night turned out to be much different than I expected and a whole lot of fun in the process. A friend came over around 6 and we had a couple of drinks, I drank my Martini and Rossi Asti which is yummy sparkling wine then called for a cab to take us out, due to poor roads and plans to just have someone else do the driving when we were going to be drinking. The cab company told me an hour to an hour and a half, was not ready for that, but thankfully it showed up about a half hour later and we were ready and out the door. Went to my favorite watering hole in Minneapolis where we were chatting with a friend (bar was pretty dead) and ordered some food. As the night progressed other friends showed up and it got a little busier, just enough people I think. I had been eyeing a guy earlier in the night and eventually he came over and talked to me, he’s way too young for me at 27, but just too cute…J2 had joined us as well as C, another guy who is a friend and well, I’m not sure what else might be going on there…issues and drama but whatever…funny thing is J2 and he have become good buddies too, they are the two I have on camera kissing at the party we were at a few weeks ago. Anyway, midnight came and I think I kissed half the people in the bar, although my friend wouldn’t let me kiss her…oh well. We had a number of cocktails and I was feeling no pain and dressed in a silvery top, miniskirt fishnets and tall black boots and what’s sad is other than a picture prior to going out, I really have no pictures of the evening. Oh well. When the bar closed we were heading to a party that C knew about, but my friend had run out of the bar and I found her in a cab heading out, so she missed out on the party. She didn’t seem to be having much fun anyway and I don’t know why, too much expectation for things to happen for her I think and she lets everything get to her so doesn’t enjoy the moment. The party was a blast, I had some guy that had latched on to me to the point that he was keeping J2 even from being able to talk to me, although both J2 and C were keeping an eye on me, apparently I had boys lined up trying to talk to me and I found myself later attached to a fireman. No idea how I ended up talking to him and if I gave out my number to anyone, it was one of those nights, but very, very fun. We were at the party till around 5, so I was told, I was hauled into J2s place and crashed out in his spare room…I didn’t become conscious till around 1:30/2, and then was ill a couple of times. Hung out with J2 the rest of the day till he took me home around 10, chatted had some pizza and had reminders of the evening before. Apparently it’s also been discussed taking a trip, J2, myself and C…now that could be quite interesting!! Thankfully though, I’m a fun drunk, apparently I was quite the entertainment, J2 can’t wait for the next excuse to get out and party like that again as he said he had a blast and it made up for his last two crappy new years that he has had…what can I say. I’m glad I can help out however I can with people having a good time. Welcome 2007…now to make some decisions regarding my life and my running.

I want to thank Don and Dori for the suggestions on the Running Groups. If I wasn’t on the west side I so would love to join the St. Croix runners, unfortunately that’s early and a trek, but maybe one day I’ll be able to get there. Dori, thanks for the suggestions, not sure I want to do one of the Lifetime marathon plans though, various reasons on that, Highland club is the one group I did try running with once…Although I’d be game for meeting you and your friends sometime. Even though I’m faster, I have read many times that it can be a benefit to run both with people faster than and slower than you.

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Firefly's Running said...

Wow...a fireman attached to you?! Woahhhhhhhhh! Your evening sounded like my evening in Chicago.