Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 Years and Still Going Strong

That's right, two years ago today I started this blog. Wow...and other than maybe a week's time here and there, I've been pretty good about writing on it. I've NEVER been able to keep a journal that long. Through the time I've made a lot of good friends, some that I know personally, others that I just know through the blogosphere...but it's been a great time. It's nice to be able to just go post your perspective be it on a run (I'm still lacking on the reality friends that I can run with) or the hottie at the gym (who I haven't seen in over two weeks now...I have to admit I skipped a couple of morning workouts this week and last though so that's probably why I've missed him).

Anyway, I couldn't get up this morning because I was out watching Atonement last night with a friend...I do want to read the book even more now, so am on the list for the audio or real version of it at the library. Very good, but I think I'm questioning a few things about it that I hope maybe the book will give me insight into that I didn't pick up from the actors. Definitely worth watching though.

One thing I haven't posted about is some heel pain I've been suffering from. I have had a few people mention Plantar Fascititis (sp) to me but to me it more feels like a bruise than anything. It's never been a huge problem, kind of lightens up and/or goes away partway into a run and sometimes comes at the end in just some foot pain. When I get up and walk, not just in the morning (the way I've heard PF can be) it's a little sore but not terrible. I've been icing it, and I took Monday off running (but biked and used elliptical) and Tuesday I took it entirely I planned for 4, ran 5 (at the gym while I tried my new shoes...I like them but I think Nike is doing away with some of the great cushioning that I have always loved about them) and and then biked for 30 minutes. I thought about going one more but want to try for an easy 7 tomorrow. We'll see what happens. But anyway...two's to many, many more!!


Firefly's Running said...

Happy Blogerversay! Get those feet checked out. It will be worth it!

Molly said...

Yea! Two years! I always had the same problem journaling, not sticking to it, and this has worked for me too!
Sorry to hear about your heel pain. I always remind people that every muscle from your heel to your hip is connected, so tightness in your hammies often causes heel pain!
Take Care

Runner Leana said...

Wow, happy two year blogaversary! I hope your heel pain sorts itself out. How frustrating!

Jean said...

Congratulations on your two year blogaversary, Danielle! Keep on posting! :)

Is there anything more frustrating than when your shoes change? I always get nervous when a new model of my favorite shoes come out. You just never know how much they changed. I hope your heel is OK!

Kurt said...

Damn good blog also! Congrats and it has been wonderful reading it and getting to know more about you.