Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

And it's the start of a three day weekend!! I'm so excited as we are now entering my favorite season of all. It's the best time of year (although have to give it about a month) to be in MN because the smells, the sounds, the views (ie flowers blooming, trees starting to turn green, not to mention my birth all happened in this season) and we get some of the most perfect days of the year. If it wasn't for some of those days, I would definitely not live here any longer!!

For the first time ever I work for a company too, that gives employees tomorrow off. Yay!! I feel no need to hit the church, so I have all day to just veg and do whatever tomorrow. Tonight I'm reconnecting with a friend that I haven't seen in a while. Maybe her new perspective will help me on a few of the other issues going on in my own life (namely in the form of a few boys that are adding complications that I don't need...and none of them is my hottie!!) and hopefully help her get over the things in hers. Three full days to do whatever I want. Cleaning, finishing up those essays and finally submitting them and just relaxing...along with hopefully getting a few nice runs in...although I'm feeling a little lazy right now. Not sure what is going on but even hitting the gym after work today is not feeling that appealing. We'll see what I end up doing (I skipped this morning with plans to go tonight and bike, test my new shoes finally and do a light strenth session but I feel like none of it). Technically this should've been a fall back week (since typically I train hard for 3 and then fall back on the 4th) and maybe my body is telling me that's what I do need...


JustRun said...

Ugh, boys. I hear ya.

Molly said...

Hope th "boy" issues work themselves out and you find a man!
Hope you have a great day!
Take Care