Friday, March 21, 2008

This is How MN Welcomes Spring

Yesterday was the first calendar day of Spring but today was the first FULL day of spring (it didn't technically start till sometime yesterday morning or something) and this is what it looks like outside:

Yes, it's typical of MN to welcome spring with snow...ah well. It melts. I just ended up with really wet feet on my run was an adventure for numerous reasons. First, because I didn't go to bed till 7 am...yes, that's typically the time I'm LEAVING the gym on a Friday and going to work, but instead I hadn't even crawled into bed till then. My friend Steve and I both had today off so we went out last night. All places we went were pretty lame, but we hit 4 different bars in our quest. It was fun. We surfed porn on his iPhone, looked up interesting things here and there chatted...then we got back to my place and watched some things on YouTube (like the I'm f*cking Ben Affleck and Matt Damon videos) and next thing you know it's way, way past time to go to bed. I slept till about noon, then took a nap, and finally set out to get my car (yes, drinking, I was responsible and left the car at the bar, intending on doing that all along cause the bar is only about 6 miles from my house). I turned it into a 7 mile leap over slush puddles, avoid splashing by cars, slip around on sidewalks that should've been shoveled but obviously hadn't been all winter and in essence just tried to stay as dry as possible. All things considered it wasn't a bad run...the conditions were bad, I was slightly hung over and sleep deprived and I still managed a sub 9 minute pace (not the tempo I had had intentions of doing, but that's OK).

Anyway, it was a fun night and even though I got not much done around the house, I did get a run and a stop at Trader Joe's in so it was fine. Hope others are having better weather than we are!! Spring...please come soon!!


Molly said...

Spring is teasing us in TN. It was warm yesterday and today and we are going to freeze tonight and tomorrow out covering the buds with blankets tonight!
A nine mile pace while hung over might be the most impressive thing I have read all week!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

First I was so confused when I clicked on your link because I didn't recognize your blog with all the changes but I LOVE IT!
Chicago wasn't as bad but we still had snow in spring as well! It sucks!@

Anonymous said...

You are hard core on the partying! I don't think anyone on our team is going to be able to keep up with you - yikes! :) Going to bed at 7 a.m. - are you nuts? Well, I guess you'll have no problem going without sleep on our relay.

I can't believe you've got snow - crazy stuff.

Runner Leana said...

Leaving your car at the bar is a sure fire way to make sure you get your run in the next day. Great idea! Although, I would have been so tempted to bag the run on such little sleep and being hungover. Sounds like a good night though!

Kurt said...

Spring is a myth. I am convinced it is never coming again.

Never figured you for the porn queen of phones! That was to funny. Made me smile (and I needed it today)

Jean said...

Gotta love "spring" in Minnesota! :) If nothing else, it certainly keeps us on our toes!