Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coffee, A Mile and Sushi

I have to say, I really, really heart my laptop...I always knew it would be a great thing to have it to be able to go and work on things away from home, but until last night I had never really experienced it. Still trying to complete those darn essays, I decided I needed a change of scened (and distraction) so I headed to Spyhouse Coffee, a cute little coffee place in Uptown that has free wi-fi and just a nice atmosphere (not to mention a FANTASTIC latte, although I should've gone decaf). I got there around 6:30 and settled in at a table, logged on, emailed, IM'd and worked on my a table, not sitting on the couch with it on my lap, what a concept!! While I didn't get them completed yet, I'm still finalizing, redlining, correcting, etc...I did spend 2 1/2 hours on getting things worked on so there was progress. With any luck I'll be able to finish them by this weekend and have them submitted early next week at the latest. I know one of my letters of recommendation are in, just have the essays, my resume and one other letter to check on.

Of course, having sat and drank a double low fat latte, I was a bit jittery and knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. Since it was around 9 and I was near my favorite watering hole, I opted to stop in, say hi and have a couple of beers to try to counter the caffeine. I ran into a friend, visited with him a bit and then got sucked into a game of pool (I warned everyone that I sucked and to prove that, after missing all but one shot, I went to bank off the side for an intentional miss to set up for my partner and managed to bank just right to knock the 8 ball in...ah well...I told my partner coaching me is not a good idea and it's been probably 2 years since I shot as it is!!). I got home around 11:30, attempted to get to sleep so I could be up for a workout, cause you never know, hottie might be there (he wasn't), ALMOST thought I was walking in just behind him, but it was a false alarm. I got a decent workout in and plan to run a 4-6 miler tonight (moved around to get my tempo in tomorrow when I'm more rested) in more warm temps (although I'll be away from work later than normal today so not sure it will still be a nice as it's supposed to be).

I got to work and realized it was the 13th and time to register for my 1 mile race as well. So I am officially doing one race here sometime in the on the map future. I am opting out of the 5K on Saturday, even though I really wanted to do it, but a friend wants to go out and I don't see her a lot and she really can't get out much so we are going out and it won't work to get up and do it. Ah well.

Finally, to the last part of my title...never thought I'd ever post something about sush, but I had to post this cause the picture was in the paper today. I might try sushi (not a big seafood fan and the idea of eating cold or raw fish is so NOT appealing to me) if I can have it served to me this way!!


Runner Leana said...

Where is that sushi place? I want to go! Glad your evening at the coffee house was productive. I'm with you on pool....I suck big time. Sounds like a good night for you though!

JustRun said...

First, eeegads! I love men and I love sushi but I don't need them to touch. Ever.

I stink at pool, too. Maybe I need to try caffeine and beer!

Molly said...

Are you imagining your gym man under that sushi?

Anonymous said...

OK, is that sanitary? I mean, seriously, how does that pass the health inspections? Sure, it's a very pretty "plate", but I agree with JustRun.

Good luck on your 1 mile race!

By the way, I like how gym guy is now "MY hottie". :) You're funny!

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