Thursday, March 06, 2008

Susan G. Komen

OK, I tend to avoid writing, at least a bit, on things too political and/or religious etc…but you know what, this is my blog and I should be able to write what I want right?

I grew up Catholic/Methodist, neither parent really religious, but went to church on occasion at each…I was given the choice and went Methodist cause I liked the Pastor, she left and I didn’t really go much and then mom started going Catholic so I followed her…so I’m technically Catholic…I don’t really follow most of what the church says, but have been pretty good in following Lent and when I go to church, it is toward Catholic…but last week I was pushed too far. There was an article in USA Today (and maybe other places) about some diocese, mostly in the south, Little Rock was the main one, but Atlanta and a couple of others were in there. They made the paper because they were telling their parishnors to STOP donating to Susan G. Komen, their reasoning you ask? Because Susan G. Komen apparently gives 1% of the money it takes in for research and other uses related to breast cancer to Planned Parenthood to provide breast exams for low income women. The best way to prevent or survive breast cancer is early detection, and some people can’t afford a doctor, this is a way to get around that…but the Church, in it’s all knowing wisdom, says don’t give because that 1% that goes to PP is evil because you know, PP provides birth control, and of course, in extreme instances pregnancy termination…So don’t give to a breast cancer organization because they are trying to provide exams. That seems right huh? Can you give money to the church for them to give poor women to get the exams?? I doubt it. Of course in all its wisdom, the Church knows that that money doesn’t specifically go where Komen tells it to go, but if anyone did any research on PP they would know that even if you are full funded, meaning you have no money to pay for any part of the services you receive, you cannot have an AIDS test, cryogenic surgery or an abortion. Those are all things you have to pay no matter how little money you have. OK, so the church has an issue with BC too, which you can get if you have no money, but it’s better than someone with no money also have a child they have to raise with no money right, and it’s better to not get pregnant with said child than to have an abortion right? Anyway…the Church’s antiquated and messed up values just have finally pushed me over I guess. Maybe I shouldn’t be so sensitive, but when you see your aunt die from breast cancer, it kind of makes you a little touchy on the subject. And when you see your aunt who survived (6 years and counting) due to an experimental drug that she received, due to research, that was probably at least partly funded by Koman (and her sister, the one that died, supported the organization fully) you get a little upset when a religion is telling people NOT to give to that organization.


Dori said...

It's ridiculous what people will do in the name of religion. Our government is one of those. In all fairness to the Catholic Church, it was probably individual Bishops who decided that, not the Pope, and he's the last word on religious matters.

All we can do is hope that rational people will ignore the request and continue to support such a worthwhile organization.

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" said...

I ran into your BLOG after "googling" 100% Irish for a Day race...which you did last year, and I am doing this year. So don't be too freaked out by this stranger. I was reading up on the Susan G. Komen blog, since I am doing that 5k, and your words of religion struck a chord with me, along with the fact that I lost my Mom to breast cancer 15 years ago. To keep it simple, ONLY God knows your deeds, and he truly does, along with your heart...and at the end of the day, you answer to Him, not man (man is EVIL by nature, God is perfect). If we nickle and dimed where all of our nickles and dimes went in every purchase, and tried to please the church in that spending or giving, it would be a lost cause. Thats my rant, I will end it now.
Your running habits look great, keep it up, maybe we will run into you at the race this weekend.


Sean "GK17"