Monday, March 03, 2008

The Continuing Saga of the Gym Hottie

Yes, it continues…my plan this morning, just in case he was there, get up even earlier so I can be in there around the time he is…so I hit the snooze one more time and didn’t quite get up (I blame this on the waking up at 1:10 to go to the bathroom and not being able to get back to sleep until 2:10 or later…and I was tired…so no idea why). But I was there at 5:35, was going to elliptical for a bit before strength and guess who I saw in the weight room…quick change of plan there!! I got back out on the floor really quickly after dropping my stuff in the locker…Now when I strength train, I mainly use the BOSU and stability ball for doing a lot of my strength…so I grabbed them and the only place I could fit them between the benches and such just happened to be next to the bench he was using…he was going between that and a Smith machine (he supersets like me!!) and each time he was on the bench I was of course enthralled but trying to not to stare and trying desperately to make sure he didn’t catch me watching him in the mirror…which I don’t think he did…realized later I again failed to notice his finger and if he had a ring or not…not that it really matters. He’s just a gym crush. There is no way I’ll ever talk to him (unless he starts the conversation, I’m just not aggressive enough to approach someone, particularly at the gym, bar, maybe, with the right amount of alcohol, but gym, no way) but he’s nice to look at…I think I’m so enthralled by him because my last gym had just a wide variety of hot men, but there was something about them that you didn’t even notice because they all looked the same, basically like models and I just put that look to not much upstairs or a lot of ego…this guy is hot, but there to workout, not trying to impress and he actually puts a lot into the effort…maybe that’s what draws me…

Oh, but thanks to him I managed 40 minutes of strength training today and a nice 30 minute bike ride (realized I should probably take a running day off since I was on day 5 in a row yesterday and 33 miles in that time frame).


Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon - no conversation at all? Not even an "excuse me" when you 'accidently' get in his way, or something? ;) OK, well, at least you got in a good workout with a gorgeous view!

By the way - all those emails flying around with the team - I think you'll fit right in, don't you?

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Men LIKE it when women talk to them.

At the very least, consider an accidental encounter like Annette suggested.

What have you got to lose?  What are you waiting for?!

Molly said...

I agree (I also know that it is easier said than done).

I made the first move with Scott (only took me 2 years)...who knows where I would be if I had not done that :)

Take Care

Nat said...

I think if you see him again, a perfect conversation starter is to ask him what running races he's done? I think you mentioned seeing him on the treadmill....maybe he's a runner and isn't just using the treadmill for a warm up or something?

Kurt said...

Go for it and talk to him. You will never know if you don't at least say hi to him. He may not be cute and cuddly like me but still worth talking to and finding out a little more about him.