Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tempo Run

So I didn’t get enough sleep on Monday night. I went to a coffee place again to work on those essays and didn’t even get anything done on them because I was chatting with a few people in IM and then was hanging out with a friend…sigh…I had a double latte and then a single…when I left around 11:15, well, let’s just say a good nights sleep wasn’t going to happen!! So even though my hottie hadn’t been at the gym on Monday, and he was most likely to be there on Tuesday, I opted to reset the alarm and went back to sleep. I have been doing strength different (used to be 30 minutes 3 days a week now it’s about 15 minutes 4 days a week and specific training from Weight Training for Runners, just to see) but figured if I missed it yesterday, not a huge deal as I can still get 4 workouts in this week.

Anyway, exhausted all day, eating candy (but a healthy lunch of peanut butter sandwich on wheat and an orange) I went home and laid down for about 15 minutes, but popped up and threw on running clothes. A 6 mile tempo run was on the plan…this is how it broke down (for a basis, I’ve been planning for tempo pace, right now, to be 8:00 for up to 4 miles so far):

Mile 1 - 8:53
Mile 2 - 7:56
Mile 3 - 8:03
Mile 4 - 7:31
Mile 5 - 7:37
Mile 6 - 7:33
Mile 7 - 8:14

Yes, that is 7 miles, not 6…and yes, that is 3 miles (well 4 technically) UNDER the 8 minute pace, 3 of them quite a bit under. Mile 5 I’ll somewhat discount because that one is mostly downhill…but Mile 4 is a fairly flat, with ups and downs about equally as is Mile 6…if it was on my Garmin, and the route I ran a fairly common one that Garmin has consistently measure at the miles it clicked off, I’d say some were short…and no, I didn’t lose signal at any points either…overall time was 55:53…I hit 6 miles under 48 minutes (guess I wasn’t off much when I said 45-46 was my 10K race pace, or maybe I was off as this was just a “fun run” what would it have been in a race?). When I finished, I wasn’t overly tired…but I thought…can I really maintain that pace for 26.2 (my goal pace would be 8:00 for fall)…guess we’ll see. I had one thought on it...but not sure I want to post that here...might have to do with some frustrations on my part...I'll leave it at that!!

On a good note, the friend I was having coffee with on Monday might possibly volunteer to bike along with me on longer runs…and carry water, powerade etc…I need to hunt down a few more people so I have lots of options when I need it!!

Today I got up (and no, hottie wasn’t there) and biked for 30, elliptical for 15 and 15 of strength training and I’ll do an easy 4 after work. Then I desperately need to clean!!

Glad people are liking the look. I was needing something new…I really didn’t like the last layout and no idea why I had kept it. I’m still playing with it, but it’s definitely better so far (I like that it’s easier to read, not such long narrow columns now).


Andy said...

I looked at those splits and was wowed! That was a great run and you don't need to make any excuses for it.

Molly said...

WOW! What a run!
You are much better than I with little sleep. I decided at the mall (after going into a "hip" store and decided the music as too loud and the place too dark) that I am getting OLD!
Take Care

Firefly's Running said...

Nice run!!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Good splits! You certainly have the endurance to run fast and chase after things, like your gym hottie.