Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. So in celebration I took her out to Fogo de Chao for dinner. She became interested in it after I told her about my last trip, and since dad got a nice dinner on his birthday, it was only fair. So dad, mom and I along with another friend of mine who my mom is fond of as well, went to dinner. Lots of meat was eaten by all and for dessert mom, much to the chagrin of the rest of us, chose fresh was good though.

Yesterday was a busy day, after a night of too much drinking on Friday...darn shots!! I chatted with a few people, got a number of a boy that was way too young, and then crashed but didn't get enough sleep. Saturday morning mom and I had run to a friend of mines place to get back the items she had been holding for me while I attempted to sell my condo...since I opted to buy appliances and stay a while longer, since I can't sell anyway. My cousin stopped in to install my microwave, but we discovered, as all things in this place are, it wasn't going to fit without some modifications so dad has to do some more work to make it fit. Anyway, then dinner and a drink and I crashed for the night. Oh, and earlier in the evening I got a little love from Max (he was freaked, dad had been using power tools at my sister's place and he's scared of them).

Today was a run, planned 10 miles, for a total of 40 again for the week, this time with only 5 days of running (last week was 6) but two days of double workouts. Things are a little tight, I need to see the chiro this week, but it was still OK. Finished 10 in 9:01 pace, would've been faster but I had a 10 minute and 10:30 minute mile in there when I was texting and then chatting with a friend (he's in basic traing and just finally had his cell back today, first time in over a month) so it slowed me down a bit. Still felt pretty good.


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on getting those miles in! You're rockin'!

Love the new blog look! Very nice!!!

Weebs said...

I haven't seen your mom in a while Dani. She's looking even younger than before! She looks great! Did you get a new dog?

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Mom!
Great Week!
Take Care