Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Cold Day

And I headed out...this is what it gave me when I finished my run. It felt a little cold at the start, well, it felt cold walking from the building to my car, across the parking ramp, and it felt cold walking from my garage into the house (even though my garage is attached, it's usually easier to go out and through the front door, messy garage). I threw on as much as I had worn on Sunday and headed out the door...and within about 1/2 a mile I was almost too hot. I did get colder again, it was windy in a few spots, but I managed a 6 mile run, versus the 5 I had planned (the thing about the cold is that once you get moving in it and it took you so long to dress, and it's going to take so long to get the layers off, you might as well stay out longer) . It was slow yet again, 55:29, but oh well. I just wasn't feeling like lugging my fat, heavily layered body over some of the hills I guess.

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Firefly's Running said...

It's okay to be slow for a little bit for now. Enjoy the pace for now.