Saturday, January 13, 2007

Minnesota in January

OK, granted, I should not complain. We have had a very, very mild winter all things considered so far. But the last two days have made up for that!! I know I said I was going to take yesterday off, and I really, honestly intended on doing just that. In fact after training got done (and thank God, we had trainers that knew what we needed and got us through early so I got to leave at my old normal time of 4 yesterday!!) I was going to go home and take a nap before mom and dad made an appearance...unfortunately I got home, after having eaten way too much sugar (Twizzlers and plain M&M's by the handfuls at the training, darn people that bring that stuff to someone with NO self control) and decided I had to run it off...thought maybe 3 miles, which turned into 5, it was about 5 degrees when I headed out, windchill I'm sure put it a little below 0...and it was chilly. I wore enough though, that by the time I got to the mile marker, I was plenty warm, which is why I turned 3 into 5...and just under a 9 minute pace (it was cold, I wanted to get done). My parents came up for a seminar my dad wanted to attend this morning, and we met my aunt out for a drink and some food, then we went for another drink at another bar nearby where I had an interesting encounter with a guy on the way out, I ended up turning him down, I think my attitude about HR monitors (when he sells them) finally clinched that!! Anyway, got home, went to bed and then this morning got up, had some breakfast and took myself out for another run. I opted to long run tomorrow since I work today from 1-6 which made it hard to get a longer run in anyway....I ended up doing 5 again...this time at an 8:47 pace. It was about 2 when I started out, and there might be a slight windchill effect in today again, but not too bad. Again, once I got going, it was fine, both the fingers and toes were warm around the mile mark (should've wore the wool socks I bought for these cold days, but will test them tomorrow). I'm at 32 for the week with 10-15 planned for tomorrow. I even got 3 strength sessions in!! But so far no yoga and very little stretching. I need to get better! Hope others out there are much warmer than it is here in the frozen tundra.

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