Friday, January 05, 2007

Sales, Sales Everywhere!!

Ah splendid day…I just spent WAY too much money…but oh well. Guess I’ll be staying at B&N a bit longer (and working really, really hard to find that roommate and make the situation work so I get that income for a longer term!!), but it had to be done. First of all earlier this week Vicky’s started their sale and I so needed some new things from there so I went and bought the necessities, THEN best sale of all, I got National Running Center’s clearance catalog. Oh joy of joys, I’m now so set for things for the winter and mid seasons it’s not funny…OK, maybe one more pair of tights!! Anyway, anyone who shops with them and has the new catalog, look carefully, the last page everything is $10 or $20!! Now a lot of it was gone already, but I managed to snag two jackets. Not that I needed two jackets mind you, but one is the same as one I already have (although had to get it in a large which will be a bit big, but that’s fine, it’s good for days I have to wear more layers!!) and the other is one that looks nice and hey, for $10 each, I had to get them. I got another jacket (OK, so now I’ll have 5 I think I’m good) that is an illuminite one, with all the night running I do, I really did need something that would reflect better than the little marks on some of my pants and these say you are supposed to really be visible with it. Then I got a cold weather top I’ve been considering for a while (matches some tights I have in the temps, so figure it will be a nice layer with other things I have), a second top that sounded nice and had been on my list cause it was only $20 on that sale and then a wicking stocking cap (only had one) and a balaclava cause each were only $10….OK, so with shipping that was $150, but for 3 jackets, 2 cold weather tops, a hat and balaclava, that’s not bad. Only one item was regular priced…I can’t wait!! And I’ve bought with them before, they have much cheaper shipping than Road Runner Sports and prices honestly to me seem a bit better too. I maybe should’ve ordered some more of my favorite socks as long as I was ordering but oh well. I’m sure I’ll end up spending more there as other clearance comes on. One other thing I like about them is that their winter catalog comes with a rating scale on all the merchandise for how it is, cool, colder or coldest, ratings of it’s breathability, wind protection, water resistance and other things. It really gives you a nice way to look at and figure out where to best spend your money. Ah happy day. And I’m going for a run tonight. I ran and strength trained yesterday (and I hurt a bit today from the workout, so that’s a good thing, muscle soreness from lifting), I have to work tomorrow night but I have Sunday all day off…I can work on my declutter resolution, and if I opt to get up early, I have an option to work on my meet with a running club resolution too (there is one meeting about 20 minutes from my house for a 9 mile run, and I was thinking I’d do 10-12 this weekend)…oh, and it’s Friday…and 2 pm…only 2 ½ more hours of the work day!!

Oh and thanks to those for the suggestion of the Yaktrax. I had tried to buy some last year but the running stores had been out of them (at least in my size) and then I gave up on running outside due to cold. As we can all see, I've embraced it this year (doesn't hurt that it's been mild so far) but I haven't seen them anyplace when I've been out and then we hadn't needed them (hadn't had a lot of snow) so I kind of was just forgetting about them. I'll probably regret it, and if I do see some someplace I might try them, but hopefully I'll be fine!!


Firefly's Running said...

Don't you LOVE good buys! I love my Yaktracks. I could NEVER run outside without them....period!

Don said...

I have an illuminite jacket too and it's great. Running in the dark, I can often tell just when an oncoming car sees me b/c they dim their lights or move toward the centerline.