Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Long Run

This week was a bit messed up since I had to do my longer run on Sunday vs. Saturday due to a change in my work schedule. Advanced Marathoning has long runs on Sunday and typically (I say typically cause all kinds of things could be changing with a new manager doing schedules) I work on Saturday night and have Sunday off, so Sunday as a long run day might just work better anyway, but we'll see. Anyway, I did do the long run today....15 miles of it. That's more a "mid-distance run" I'd say, normally, at least for marathon training the shortest long run I think I do is around 12? If I remember right. But 15, when I'm not officially into a program yet (it's not 18 weeks out yet and I haven't "officially" decided on or registered for anything as of yet...) but according to Advanced Marathoning, in just the basic glimpses I've given the programs at least, long runs, for pacing that I want to run my marathon at, are typically done first half at around 9:30 or so pace, increasing to 8:50 or so for the second half of the run...OK, so how about this?

Mile 1 – 9:34
Mile 2 – 9:16
Mile 3 – 9:05
Mile 4 – 9:20
Mile 5 – 9:04
Mile 6 – 9:10
Mile 7 – 9:10
Mile 8 – 8:51
Mile 9 – 8:44
Mile 10 – 8:51
Mile 11 – 9:02 (this mile did start with an uphill)
Mile 12 – 8:49
Mile 13 – 8:42
Mile 14 – 8:47
Mile 15 – 8:46

Not bad. Almost all negative splits and except for mile 11, all at or around 8:50 or better. I guess I've managed to maintain something. It was a nice calm day too. No wind. The temps at start were 16, supposedly felt like 14, that's not a major issue. At finish (2:15 later) around 20 degrees. So weather, not actually a factor. I guess I've grown a lot in my running too. Used to be I didn't run outside unless it was at least just below freezing...I have a lot of warm stuff now and I feel pretty good on the runs, at least by 8-10 minutes in. I was maybe even a bit overdressed, but I don't mind being overdressed, would rather be too warm than too cold. It's just amazing how much you can sweat even when you are out in the cold like that. I also didn't take any food or water or 'ade of any kind on the run. OK, yes, not smart, but hey, I made it and think how my runs will be when I do take them!!

On a side note, I just talked to MNFirefly and she has completed P. F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll half, she's guessing on a finish time around 2:28, which is awesome. She has had some injuries she's been dealing with not to mention a starting temp of 29, in Phoenix, yes, you read that right!! She's warming up though and getting herself ready for the party tonight where she plans on having a few beers and having a fun night. Big congrats on the finish!!


JustRun said...

Wow, great job. Are your miles getting faster and faster while I feel like mine are getting slower and slower? ;)

Congrats to your friend at PFChangs. I had a few buddies out there today and could not believe the temps at the start line. I think it was really hard on quite a few folks. Yuck.

Kurt said...

29 is a great temp for setting PR's in.

Good job on the running. My weekend run totally sucked.

Firefly's Running said...

Thanks, Danielle. The starting temp really SUCKED...or it just caused me to suck in a lot of mucus in my lungs.