Friday, January 12, 2007

Cake, the Super Food, Strikes Again!!

Is it the sugar, is is the chocolate, is it just the yummy goodness of a decadant treat??

Only a couple of minutes before I have to head out for a training session…all day…so boring…and so unrelated, for the most part, to my job, but it’s required…sigh. I wanted to do an update last night but my computer at home was having issues, well Netscape was having issues at least with Blogger…But cake does it again. I did a longer run after work. 8 miles, temps weren’t bad (but they have dropped now and are looking to be in the teens over the weekend, ughh)…Anyway, they had this fantastic looking 3 layer cake with whipped cream icing and chocolate wafers between the layers in our cafe, it had been there the last 3 days and there was a piece there when I walked by and an hour later it was still there so I finally just HAD to have it…so I skipped my peanut butter sandwich and had it instead!! (along with brown rice, I wasn’t THAT bad). Anyway, got home and started running just after 5. My run time wasn’t the best, but I was more bundled than some runs of course and it was dark AND I did have to stop and change the battery on my MP3 partway through (knew I should’ve just changed it to start!!) but total run time was 1:13 with some of the last miles well under 9 minutes so that wasn’t bad. Big thing was I hadn’t eaten anything since the cake at 2:30, that’s a long period of time to go to run and expect to feel good. By the end I’d say I was feeling that part a bit, in fact about 3 miles in I was wondering if I should call it quits early, but I kept on, and it could’ve been the dark messing with me…I get a bit of vertigo feeling sometimes running in the dark, more often in the morning when it’s getting light while I’m running, but apparently at night too (or I was just feeling delirious from need of food, who knows!!). Anyway, it was a good run and I got home later, at a later dinner, and didn’t feel the need to snack all night, and crashed into bed exhausted after Grey’s Anatomy…so now I’m awake and fully energized for my boring training today…OK, so maybe I won’t go that far, but hey…it’s a thought. I even came in early enough today to get 30 minutes of strength training in, I might take the day off anything else though, I have run everyday of this new year except for the 1st and I might need a rest. We’ll see…I might just end up going for a short one if I can tolerate the cold. So far 22 miles for the week with hopefully 15 either tomorrow or Sunday and a shorter one in there somewhere so I’ll be up close to if not over 40 again. Now to make some decisions on races I guess…

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Kurt said...

Hope you do the flying Pig this year with me.