Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Well, after going to bed late last night (I had to work then just stayed up watching TV for some odd reason) I slept in a bit and then tried to make my weekly call to mom and dad, only no answer...they know I always call Sunday mornings so why were they not home?? Mom called me a bit later and they were on their way home from grocery shopping, so I did talk to them for a little bit, then was doing some cleaning, watched a bit of the Patriots roll over the Jets, then decided to go for a run. It was flurrying a bit, but kind of stopped unfortunately by the time I started running. It was colder than it has been, but still not bad at around 30, the run was only OK. I haven't been having any very good runs lately but oh well, could be my body telling me it just needs a bit of a break. I did a total of 6 miles for a weekly total of 38 miles. First week of the year, I've set the bar high!! Unfortunately I only got one day of strength training instead of the 3 I wanted, and no yoga, instead of the 2-3 sessions that are my goal. I guess it's OK for now though. I'll work my way into it. If I wasn't being so lazy, I could do it today, and maybe I will try yet, at least some stretching while I'm watching TV would be good.

Anxiously awaiting my delivery from National Running Center too!!

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