Friday, January 19, 2007

Weight vs. Time, and Pregnancy (and no, not mine!!)

OK, sorry about that...Blogger apparently at up my post. I had a much longer one...sigh...

Here it is. This is a calculator that you can use to compare weight you are at and a time you achieve compared to what you might run at different weights.

According to this, it proves my point and everytime someone says "oh you don't need to lose weight" and yes, I realize, I'm not overweight, I fit getting toward the low end of what I'm supposed to be for my age, height etc, but I'm trying to lose it for running. According to that, the weight I was in June and my time, if I had been at the weight I am trying to get to, I would've been able to run a 3:39, which would've been my BQ time. Even just 2.6 pounds makes a huge difference...Now I have the proof. Of course the disclaimer is that if you are below your optimal weight it can be detrimental to your running performance, but the weight I want to be is still 5-10 pounds heavier than the lowest end of my range anyway. Plus Paula Radcliffe was my height and 116 pounds at the Olympics and I'm not trying to get to that weight!!

And a congrats to my friends Heather and Jon and the pitter patter of little feet that will be coming along most like end of September...Colin (3) and Alex (1) will have a new brother or sister and the family will be complete in Heather's mind. Funny thing...they dated for 7 years prior to getting married, then they were married 6 months before trying for a first and about 3-4 months later Colin was conceived...then after Colin was just over a year, they wanted to try for a 2nd...and what do you know, just after that Alex was conceived...Alex turned a year in September and December was the last month of Heather's BC so she went off and here is number 3...what is my point in all this? BC works if used properly!! I just find it funny how many people accidentally get pregnant, obviously something isn't being done.


Don said...

I don't see how to access the calculator. What am I missing? Thanks

Danielle said...

Sorry about that. Somewhere part of my post was was much longer and had more info before, but I had to recreate it and this is all I could remember...sigh...

Ginger Breadman said...

weight is such an ambiguous thing when it comes to running and runners - you just have to keep the word 'moderation' in mind and do what's right for you and your body.

Firefly's Running said...

Good link, Danielle!

JustRun said...

That calculator is sort of cool. I wish it would go even more than just a few pounds in either direction. Just for fun, you know, I don't have more than a few extra pounds... ha.

Anonymous said...

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