Sunday, January 21, 2007

Running in Snow...Again

OK, granted, I do live in Minnesota, but come on, this is getting ridiculous. Usually March is the month we get most of our snow, of course then I don't know how the roads have been in past years because this is the first time I've braved the cold and run outside even in the coldest of weather...I guess I can console myself in the fact that I know it's a great workout, sure it might be slow, but running on loose snow really has to be building up my leg strength, particularly running up hills when the path is not at all clear (in fact the snow plow went by while I was running and made my path worse!). I did have a bit of clear spots, but had to keep moving out of the way of the oncoming cars (and noticed how many idiots were out when it was actually snowing and they didn't have their lights on, man does that make someone hard to see!!). I got home and had frozen eyebrows (it was coming down while I was running) and a 9:56 pace (1:39:27) for 10 miles. Oh well. I was ready to cut it short earlier, but kept on. I had planned 10-12 miles, if I wasn't working today I might have gone the 12, but I feel OK with the 10. I think with the way the roads were, I had the equivelant of 12!!

My MP3 crapped out for weird things at 3 miles, so I ran the last 7 with just my thoughts, which I probably did need, it was kind of one of those things, maybe by tomorrow I can have some of it together and put a post out on it...although it was, to a degree, kind of personal, and some things I'm not sure I'm ready to share, particularly on an open place where you just never know who might be reading!! But we'll see.

Anyway, not much time today, work in an hour and a half...and I worked last night too...sigh...I should call in sick. I HATE when I get scheduled both weekend days. I thought I had made it clear no more of this, but apparently it hasn't been learned yet. I'll say, I think this is the last time I'll do it though. If I'm scheduled Saturday and Sunday again, I have a feeling a cold or flu bug might come on!


Firefly's Running said...

Good idea, Danielle. Work needs to understand your scheduling issues. Nice job on the run.

JustRun said...

I hear you about the snow... enough already! And it's not even Feburary. Ugh. I guess it's good but I'd rather swealter than freeze any day!

Ginger Breadman said...

The snow and weather in general has been a nuisance for runners everywhere this winter. Good job for sticking with it - at least you got miles in, regarless of pace, and probably did strengthen all those smaller muscles you have to use for balance on the slippery stuff. I think your MP3 player knew you needed to think and shut itself off on purpose - it's a smart little bugger.

Kurt said...

Good job on the run. Congrats on the future little feet you will have.