Saturday, January 06, 2007

First Long Run of 2007

OK, these days a 10 miler isn't really a LONG run in my book, but it's the longest I've done so far this year and until I start my marathon training (once I officially decide to do a marathon this year, IF I do one this year) I tend toward running a long run one week, with a cut back week the next week (case in point, last week was 14, this week I did 10), to let the body recover. 10 is about the shortest longer run I do (except during marathon training, when mid-week runs end up being 10-12) . Anyway, run was OK, not the best I've done, I had wind in my face coming back, I did a longer loop from my house (basically ended up being 4.5 with wind at my back and then 5 with it in my face and a little loop in there that was protected), had eaten pretty good this morning (eggbeaters with cheese, green peppers and dad's homemade Canadian bacon, yummy, a Kashi waffle and half a grapefruit) and dressed well as it was much cooler feeling than it has been. Sun was out, but wind was up, probably upper 20s with a windchill figured in (right now at 4 pm it says it's 32 out, but that is not how it felt). I averaged a 9:04 pace, faster than last week, but not by much. I'm working on getting my pace up for my longer runs and think I'll take one more or two more weeks of just base building running, and running for enjoyment, then I'll start throwing some intervals in again....and a few weeks after that, throw in some tempos. I might put in some strides in a couple of runs in the next week or two, just to prep for the faster paces as well, but nothing in stone yet. Tomorrow I'll work through some of my "decluttering" and I'm going to start on Advanced Marathoning, need to get a program together in case I make a decision and have training to do!!

Oh yeah, and this was after going to bed at 4 am and not sleeping past 10 am (I was exhausted feeling but what do you do?). I hadn't necessarily been going to go out last night, but I opted to, hit my local hang out around 10, had 3 beers from 10-1, then drove a friend to a place he bounces part time at in downtown, it was quiet there so we went next door where it was kind of quiet and so not my type of place, but Oh well, we ended up in the VIP area cause he knew a bouncer, then back to the place he works after hours where he had a few more and then eventually we went back, I dropped him at his car and followed him home (a few blocks) to be sure he was safe, then got home and couldn't get warm and then couldn't quite get to sleep right away. But it was a nice night nonetheless, and see, I can go out without getting drunk and out of control!!


Firefly's Running said...

Sounds like you had a very good run. You also seemed to have a good time as well.

Running Rabbit said...

I don't know what it was about that book, but it was terribly difficult for me to read. That's why I let someone else read it and make up my revised Pfietz plan. (aka Bob) I finally finished it over Christmas, but I swear the cliff notes would have been helpful! :-)

JustRun said...

Great job on that run after being up so late! I am not sure I could have done it.

Also- glad I'm not the only one taking advantage of sales. ;-)