Friday, January 26, 2007

A Quick Update

I have been mulling around a few things in my mind but no real time lately it seems to get an update out. I wanted to at least get something posted, my workouts for the last couple of days if nothing else. Wednesday I finally took a day off from running, I had run the last 6 days and my knee was feeling a little tinge, so I figured it was a good day for a rest. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 25 minutes of strength training instead. I was supposed to meet a friend for drinks that evening so not really time for a run anyway, but I kind of bailed on that as I just wasn’t feeling up to it that night, so instead I went to the grocery store and vegged and ate a bunch of crap that had found its way into my basket (no idea how that happened, at least they were out of my Edy’s Vanilla Bean so the ice cream at least was left behind). Yesterday I did a 6 mile run, no GPS, just went off knowing the distances from previous runs, path was slightly snow covered in a few spots, but thankfully mostly clear so that made it easier and it was a semi-pleasant day tempwise. I managed just over 9 minute pace over some good hills, still not very fast, but as I said, some of the path was still slightly crappy…I had to work at B&N last night, and was so not in the mood…just felt crabby all night, but made it through, probably was crabby from hunger which is why I wolfed down so much of the pizza that was bought by our manager for whoever was working that night…and it came just before my break, talk about timing! Caloriewise I was good yesterday but fatwise…so bad…

Today was a bit crabby feeling at work, at least this morning, not quite so bad now. I’m planning on running my longer run of the week tonight too. There are a couple of reasons for that. For one, I have plans to go out tonight and I’d like to be able to sleep in and feel crappy if need be and not have to get up for a long run (one of the last party nights before the real training begins). For two, well, isn’t one good enough?? But no, seriously temp right now is 40 and it’s sunny. Granted it won’t be for much of my run due to the early sunset still, but tomorrow shows a high of 19 and Sunday a high of 11…hmm…if I’m going to be outside for 2 hours of running, what temps do I want to run in…I’m probably only doing 13, not sure I’ll quite have time for the 15 I’d really like to do, but we’ll also see how I’m feeling. If it’s good I’ll continue. Funny thing is, the training plan I’m following has me start my first long run at 12 miles. (I’m going to adjust that) And the plan states that you should only start it if you have a base of at least 25 per week (I’ve run 38, 47 and 38 the past 3 weeks and my last week of last year was at least in the 30s) and at least one long run in the last month that is equal to the first long run of the plan…hmmm…I’ve run 10, 15, 10 the last three weeks and the plan starts at 12…I think I’m good.

Anyway, as far as plans tonight, earlier this week J2 had suggested going out one night this weekend, I had tentative plans (that have since fallen through) tomorrow, so tonight we are maybe doing something. Otherwise a friend e-mailed to get dinner and maybe a drink, I told her if this didn’t happen and/or if we just went to the local hangout, she’d be welcome to come. Otherwise tomorrow night her and I will end up out doing something I’m sure. I haven’t had a Friday and Saturday night off in eons…but I have to work on Sunday…however, I have all of next weekend off…I’m so excited!! What am I going to do with myself?? Anyway, better get back to doing some work. Will update over the weekend as time permits (and I have some free time it looks like!!)


Firefly's Running said...

Two words, Danielle - SUPER BOWL!

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