Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Officially In...

What is that you are wondering? That would be the back of my cancelled check. I don't have the card yet that says I'm officially in Grandma's, but with the fact that they cashed my check, that means I'm in. Not there I had much doubt I would get in, I did register early enough, but this makes it 100% official. Now I really have to find a place to stay. Camping prior to a marathon so not the best option in so many ways, sleeping on hard ground (I can get a hold of an air mattress, but still not great necessarily for sleeping on), being in a tent, which I'm not used to (I love camping, but haven't been in ages), breakfast over a campfire the next morning (very, very early), etc...there are defintiely issues. The dorms, only slightly better because you have shared rooms, people going in and out at all hours, none of the, I'm going to bed, everyone else has to as well and be quiet thing...but both of those options are better than the 3 hour drive to Duluth from home...I could probably get the race packet delivered (I did see that for $25 you could do that so I woudn't have to be up there Friday, but then I'd miss the race expo)....Anyway, one day soon I need to start calling hotels and getting my name on the wait list. Back up, there is always the hope mom and dad will come up with their 5th wheel. I slept in it the day before my PR. Of course where will all my invitees sleep then?


Andy said...

Congrats on getting in Grandma's! I have not yet tried camping before a marathon. It's tempting to save some money, but I probably wouldn't sleep well.

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads, Danielle! How you have a reason to start training too. :D

Anonymous said...

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